Mountain Biking In Brevard | Video

When it comes to mountain biking, nowhere can really compare to Brevard. Located just minutes from Pisgah National Forest’s 400-plus-miles of trails and DuPont State Forest’s 100 miles of trails, it’s easy to see why Brevard has received near-constant attention and accolades in recent years for its mountain biking. Whether Brevard Mountain Biking has received praise from Bike Magazine as the site of their annual bike review, from as one of the United States’ top 10 best mountain biking locations or just post-ride revelry from the thousands of mountain bikers who visit the area each year, it’s clear the word is out that Brevard mountain biking is hard to beat. In our Locals Only Project video, we wanted to capture what made the area such a mecca for mountain biking by talking to the locals who ride the trails day in and day out.