Fly Fishing In Brevard | Video

The 4,000 miles of North Carolina mountain trout streams have long been considered a haven for fly-fishermen looking to test their angling skills in a beautiful and oftentimes rugged environment. In Brevard and Transylvania County alone, fishermen can choose from nearly 500 miles of creeks, streams and rivers that run through the steep mountains and rich forests. This rich diversity and bountiful water supply make the area one of the top destinations in the southeast for fly fishing. For local fishing guides like the ones we showcased in this Brevard fly fishing video who spend a great deal of their time guiding clients on the rivers, the diversity of the Brevard’s waterways and the bountiful fish populations that thrive in the cool mountain water helps keep them and their clients satisfied day in and day out. For more information on the great folks who appeared in this video and to book them for a day on the water, check out